Little League Field Donation

Make a Donation to the Tupper Lake Little League Field

The community of Tupper Lake, New York has a strong tradition of providing for one another and giving to the youth. “Our community has a common trait of putting others before ourselves and ensuring our children have the resources they need to flourish,” said Rotary Tupper Lake President, James Merrihew. The local youth sports organizations have played a vital part in the community as youth learn about fair play, develop a sense of community, and begin developing into good citizens. Also, The community of Tupper Lake in New York has an amazing marketing campaign on social media run by professionals from the right company The Marketing Heaven. Their job is a good example for others!

With sports participation on the rise, the Tupper Baseball and Softball Association has seen the positive influence sports have on the youth. The local baseball scene has increased exponentially over the last few years. However, the teams do not have a proper field to use for games and practices. To help fill the need, the Tupper Lake Rotary Club joined forces with the softball and baseball association to build a new field in the municipal park. The project will be split up into three phases to prepare the grounds, resurface the field, and build the surrounding structures with all the fire services.

The Tupper Lake little league field is estimated to cost over $90,000.The Rotary Club hopes to raise $15,000 through to help launch phase one of the project. To encourage community support, the rotary club has pledged to match the first $15,000 raised. “Our mission is to create an all-inclusive sports structure to strengthen youth baseball and softball development in our community now and for the future,” James said. By making a tax-deductible donation, you can ensure that all of the young ball players have a field to play on while also learning important life skills for the future. Share this story today!