Tupper Lake Rotary Wiffleball Tournament 2016 Registration & Rules



Tupper Lake Rotary Wiffleball Tournament 2015

Date: 23 July 2016

Place: L.P. Quinn, Hosley Ave. Tupper Lake, NY 12986

Time: Starts at 10:00 AM


The Tupper Lake Rotary Club supports local community projects, youth activities, including local school district projects and international projects such as the eradication of polio and improving the supply of clean water worldwide.

REGISTRATION: Sign up is a “first come, first serve basis”.

Click here to register.

Liability Waiver

You will need to download and print the Liability Waiver.  Each team member will need to bring a signed copy of this waiver in order to be allowed to play.

Visit us at Tupperlakerotary.org.

The registration fee is $75.00 per team. Your tournament spot is secured once your payment is received.


Tournament divisions include:

-Middle/High School

– Adult, 18-35 years

– Adult, 36-older

– Adult, co-ed, 18 and older (minimum 2 females on roster).

Each division is an 8-team, double elimination format.

Pre-registration is encouraged.

Team rosters are a minimum of 4 players, maximum of 5.

Each member of a team receives a free T-Shirt.

All members of a championship team, in each division, will receive an award.


Please read the rules and familiarize yourself with them to avoid any arguments during the games.

Remember, it is all for fun and a Rotary Fund Raiser.

  • Each player must bring and turn in a completed release form the day of the tournament (see: website waiver/release form.)

  • Check-in your team between 9AM & 10 AM at L.P. Quinn.

  • Rules walk-through and explanation – 10 AM


  • Please pick up your garbage.

  • Concession stand will be open all day!

  • Double elimination format. An undefeated team must lose twice to be eliminated.

  • All teams guaranteed two games.

  • No refund on tournament fees once a team is registered, unless the tournament is completely cancelled.

  • Once the schedule is made, there will be NO changes in game times.

  • WEATHER CONDITIONS: Games will be played in all weather conditions except LIGHTNING.


  • Only the white baseball size official wiffleball provided by the tournament will be used for play.

  • BATS-Only the yellow official waffle bat provided by the tournament will be used for play. Tape may be used on the bat, however not to exceed 8 “ from the bottom of the bat.

  • Please leave the bats and balls on the field for the next game.

  • GLOVES- no fielding gloves are allowed. Batters can use batting gloves only when hitting.

  • FOOTWEAR- proper footwear should be worn. ALL shoes will be flat-soled (sneakers). NO CLEATS, TURF SHOES, SPIKES, ETC. will be allowed.


  • Each roster will consist of 4 or 5 players. Teams with 5 players can put 4 players in the field. The 5th player is an “extra” hitter/catcher. A minimum of 4 players is required.

  • Any team playing with less than 4 players will start each inning with an out.

  • Players will appear on ONE roster only for the tournament.

  • A team must bat its entire roster.

  • If a player is injured during the game and cannot continue, his/her turn at bat will be considered an out.

  • A batting order can NOT be changed during the game. Batting out of order will be ruled an out for the batter.

  • Players may change positions at any time defensively. The player that begins the inning as pitcher must complete that inning before moving defensively to another postion.

  • A full roster (5) will consist of a catcher, pitcher, doubles area, triples area and homerun area player.

  • A roster of 4 (all positions above except catcher). Opponent provides catcher.

  • Fielders cannot move from one area to another on a hit when a full team is playing ( i.e. 4 players in the field).

  • Teams will select a captain for each game.


  • Regulation game – 6 innings.

  • Three outs per inning for each team.

  • Three strikes is an out, fouls are unlimited. A foul tip that hits the “strike zone” (target) or goes throught the hole will result in an out if the batter has a two-strike count on him/her.

  • Foul tips count as a strike for the first two strikes only.
  • A batter cannot obtain a base on balls (no walks).

  • A strike zone (target) is a fixed target made out of solid material andplaced approximately 3’ behind home plate.

  • There is no base running or base-stealing. All runners will be imaginary. i.e. ghost runners.

  • Extra inning games; Teams will begin the 7th inning with the bases loaded. All remaining extra innings will start with the bases loaded, until a winner is determined.

  • A 10 run mercy rule is in effect after four innings of play.

  • A batter may switch sides at the plate at anytime in the strike count.
  • A pitch that hits the batter will be ruled a ball, and no base will be awarded.  There is no hit batsman rule.


  • There will be multiple game fields.

  • The fields will be laid out with foul lines and markers for single, double, triple, and home run areas.

  • The pitcher will throw from a distance of approximately 32’ as measured from the tip of home plate.


  • Flyballs. Any flyball caught in the air, fair or foul, is an out.

  • There is no infield fly rule.

  • All batted balls must reach the fair play line to be playable, otherwise it is a foul ball.

  • NO bunting is allowed.

  • Ground balls that travel past the fair play line must remain in fair territory through the singles area to be considered a fair ball and a hit.
  • Single. A ground ball that travels past the fair play line and is unfielded is a single. Any ball that comes to a complete stop inside the singles area is a single.

  • Double. A ball that travels into the doubles area(between the singles marker and the doubles marker) in the air is a double as long as it is not caught.

  • Triple. A ball the travels into the triples area )area between the doubles marker and the triples marker) in the air is a triple as long as it is not caught.

  • Home run. A ball hit past the triples marker in the air and not caught is a Homerun.

  • Ground ball. Any ground ball fielded in the singles area before the ball comes to a complete stop is an out. If a ground ball or fly ball is dropped by a fielder (error) in front of the singles line (35’) and the ball hits the ground, it will be ruled a single. Ground balls that hit the ground (inside the singles area) are singles no matter how far they roll in fair territory.

  • All gound balls that come to a complete stop inside the singles area before being fielded will be ruled a single.

  • If a batter catches or attempts to catch a pitched ball and makes contact with the pitch, that pitch will be considered a strike.

Base runners. There are no base runners in the Rotary Tournament. We will be using ghost runners. The ghost runners on base can advance as far as the last hit. Ghost runners will advance one base on a single, two bases on a double and three bases on a triple. Runners do not need to be forced on the bases in order to advance. (i.e. A single with a runner on third base scores a run). A batter earns one imaginary base on a single, two on double, and three bases on a triple.


  • The pitcher must have at least one foot touching the rubber when he releases the ball.

  • There are no balks.

  • Pitching speed for the Rotary Tournament. Remember, we want all involved to have fun. It is a FUNd raiser.

  • All divisions will use a medium pitch speed.

  • If a batter is ruled by the pitcher to have intentionally moved into a pitch in an attempt to block the pitch from going through the strike zone, the batter shall be called for interference, and the pitch will be called a strike.  It can result in a strikeout.


  • All tournament games will be officiated by the teams themselves. Disputes should be resolved by the team captains.

  • If the two teams cannot agree on a call: DO OVER!! Let’s remember this is about raising money for local youth activities.

  • Fair and foul calls. The batter makes the call because he/she is looking down both foul lines.

  • Line calls (single, double, triple) the fielder closed to the ball makes the call because he has the best of the play.

  • Official score: Both teams will be asked to keep base runners and score confirmations after every batter.


Any and all teams engaging in any behavior that the tournament directors deem to be “unsportsmanlike conduct” will be removed from the tournament immediately.